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The band started in 2016 with three musicians who knew each other from the music scene in Groningen, the Netherlands: Jeroen Trenning (24 Hours), Vincent van de Bijl (Onakentona, Whipster & Mr.Hatchet) & Tymen Boon (Some). In 2017 Jaap Dijkema joined them as their bass player.
Their music could be best described as Americana, Folk, Indie & Alternatieve pop.
In January 2017 they released their first EP with 6 tracks: "Dream to a Dream". In april 2018 they hope to release their second.
The name
The Hondsrug region stretches from Groningen in the north to Coevorden in the south and comprises five separate areas, each with its own unique characteristics.
The Hondsrug is a landscape that was shaped thousands of years ago by the enormous masses of ice, the water, the extreme cold and the wind. There are places where the effects of the ice ages are still visible to this day: glittering sand, flints in the clay, the stones of the hunebeds and all the other rocks and boulders. The visible effects of the ice ages can still be seen in the high sand dunes, the meandering streams and the gentle slopes of the Hondsrug along the horizon.
So what's that got to do with our music? Well, nothing, to be honest. But we are musicians who live on "the Hondsrug", a region in the north east of the Netherlands. Dogs back is a translation of the Dutch word "Hondsrug". And "Doggy back" is a pun of words.

Cheers! The Doggy Back Writers..

Tymen Boon


Tymen Boon:
A reasonable amount of backing vocals, some of the lead vocals, most of the guitars.

Vincent van de Bijl

Mr. Hatchet

A reasonable amount of lead vocals, most of the backing vocals, guitars, drums, percussion.

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Jaap Dijkema

Jaap Dijkema:
A very reasonable amount of bass.

Jeroen Trenning

Most of the lead vocals, a reasonable amount of backing vocals, guitars, percussion.