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EP 3

Our third EP is simply called "EP 3", recorded by Erik Hulshof at No Pussy Blues Studio in Groningen. Hit the button to listen! 

Onze derde EP, genaamd 'EP3' is opgenomen  door Erik Hulshof in de No Pussy Blues Studio in Groningen. Klik op de button om te luisteren!

Yesterday video

See our video clip "Yesterday" and some pictures by Robert-Jan Zigterman (Black & white).

Bekijk de videoclip van Yetserday en wat foto's door Robert-Jan Zigterman (Zwart/wit). 


Our second EP is simply called "EP 2", recorded by Erik Hulshof at No Pussy Blues Studio in Groningen.  Here's the videoclip of "This House Ain't No Home". Thanks to Henk Gubbels for the excellent camera work!

Onze tweede EP, genaamd 'EP2' werd opgenomen door Erik Hulshof in de No Pussy Blues Studio in Groningen. Hier is onze videoclip 'This House Ain't No Home'. Met dank aan Henk Gubbels voor het excellente camerawerk!

Surprise EP


Available at gigs only. With our EP II download card attached, to download our songs in High Quality WAV files. What's on the LP may come as a complete surprise.

Download cards


Have you got a download card already and want to get your High Quality WAV-copy of EP II? Go here!

EP II Cover

When you downloaded our EP and want to make your own copy of it, you can find the cover here.


Lyrics of EP II

Download the EP II lyrics and credits here.